Relationships are important

Relationships are important

May 18, 2010  |  Relationships

We all want healthy relationships in our lives.† We are social beings, not hermits.† How we get along with others impacts on our health and well being.

Why relationships are important

You were born. You had parents or guardians, maybe siblings. You went to grade school and to high school.† Maybe you went on to higher education.† You got a job and now you have co-workers.† You live somewhere, and itís probably not alone.† Perhaps you have a spouse and kids.† By now you may see where this is going.

Relationships are an inevitable part of life. No matter your situation, you are involved with other people.† Not just one person, but quite a few people.

Hopefully, you get along with all of the people you are involved with.† However, one or two relationships may be estranged, and, perhaps, not all of your associations are as simple and traditional as the above examples.† But most surely you have relationships that you value and want to keep healthy.

It’s important to maintain a number of positive relationships in your life.† No one person can be everything.† It’s healthy to have strong bonds with family, friends, co-workers and be positively involved with other people and have different needs met in different ways.

What’s in it for you?
According to psychologists, “We have the opportunity to be really and truly known by someone else, and, in turn, a relationship provides us with an opportunity to really know ourselves. They should encourage us to live on the edge of our comfort zone, and we should want the other person to grow and experience.”

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