Liver disease

Where is the liver?

Your liver is very important to your health.  Take care of it.

Your liver is a large organ in your body that acts as a filtering system.  Although not much to look at, it holds many of the body’s keys to health and long life.  the liver performs over 500 vital functions. A poorly functioning liver can adversely affect nearly every other organ, every gland and cause a myriad of metabolic disorders which can lead to an early death.  It’s number on function is to cleanse your blood many times a day.

Feeding your liver plenty of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), choline, and lots of Vitamin C coupled with an annual or semi-annual liver cleansing regimen are essential in any meaningful and effective anti-aging program.

Liver disease
Liver disease means that your liver is so overworked and/or filled with toxins and gunk that it can no longer do its job of filtering and cleansing blood efficiently.

One of the causes of liver disease is excess alcohol, because the consumption of alcohol forces the liver to work hard to cleanse the blood stream of excess alcohol.  A chemical cause is the acetaminophen component of pain medications.  The good news is the solution to an overworked liver may be at hand, and it is inexpensive.

Alpha lipoic acid as a solution

According to what we have learned, Dr. Burt Berkson came up with a successful alpha lipoic acid treatment, an antioxidant therapy that he has been using successfully since the mid-1970’s, He first treated people with terminal liver disease, and then in ensuing years, people with other diseases and conditions, including diabetic neuropathy, several autoimmune diseases, and pancreatic cancer.

However, this therapy may not be recommended or used by local physicians, because Dr. Berkson claims that his findings were not released by his own clinic.  He has stated that he suspects this lack of interest is because liver transplants are big money makers for doctors and hospitals.  Also “Big Pharma” makes a lot of money producing anti-rejection drugs for patients who have undergone organ transplants.

Please read Dr. Berkson’s story at Honest Medicine.

To learn more about his form of treatment, read his book The Alpha Lipoic Acid Breakthrough. One of the people Dr. Berkson saved, Eunice Goostree, wrote a very personal review of The Alpha Lipoic Acid Breakthrough on

For info about the use of alpha lipoic as a supplement, acid click on  Alpha lipoic acid can be purchased as a supplement by doing an online search.

What’s the leading cause of acute liver disease in the U.S.?
Hepatitis?  Alcohol?  No, according to Consumer Reports On Health, “it’s ordinary acetaminophen.  Yes, that’s the ingredient in many medications such as Tylenol.  Other pain relieving drugs such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin 1B) and naproxen (Aleve) can both raise your blood pressure, and harm your stomach, liver and kidney if used long term.”

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